Mark Gordon is best person for governor – Mark Gordon for Wyoming Governor

Mark Gordon is best person for governor

Via Gillette News Record

Let me begin by stating that I am not an overtly political person.

Yes, I have voted in every election and I have always tried to keep abreast of the issues and be an informed constituent. But due to a busy schedule and hectic ranch life, I have sat back and let other people lead the way down the political path.

That changed in 2016 when my husband Doug and I put our names down as write-in candidates for our precinct because we had no one representing us in this area. Imagine my surprise, when a few months later, we received a letter of congratulations informing us we are now the precinct committee people for precinct 7-1.

After the initial shock had worn off, we were determined to do the best job that we could at the new job we now have because this is Wyoming and that is the way we were raised to do things in the Cowboy State.

This past weekend, we had the privilege of representing Campbell County as voting delegates to the Wyoming Republican Convention. What an experience and how humbling to be a part of the process that makes the wheels turn not just in our county, but in our state and ultimately across this great nation.

We dined with our congressional delegation, we listened to speeches from elected officials, we voted on resolutions that are the thread that binds our Republican Party together. It was an amazing event, and we are so glad that we made the effort to be involved in it.

There was also a plethora of stickers, signs, buttons, balloons and lots of people shaking hands and asking for our support for any given elected office. In our opinion, one candidate rose above the rest and he is a man we are proud to lend our support to.

Mark Gordon, current Wyoming state treasurer, is running for governor and is undeniably the best person for the job. He and his wonderful wife Jennie ranch outside of Kaycee. Go to his website “” and learn more about him. Better yet, come to the Crawfish Boil on April 27th and meet Mark in person. Become involved.

We live in a society where it is easy to criticize one another. Social media has loosed a beast where attacks can flow freely. We armchair quarterback decisions made by our elected officials and espouse how “we” would do this and not do that and what a lousy job those elected folks are doing.

An old Indian saying “Walk a mile in his moccasins” comes to mind. OK, maybe I’m the old Indian who said it, but it’s true. It’s a tough job being an elected official and I have a newfound respect for those folks who put it on the line to serve their county, their state and their country.

We are so blessed to live in Wyoming and the United States and we are proud that we stepped out of our comfort zone to become active in this political process. Is it easy? No. Is it worth it? Absolutely.

Doug and Charlene Camblin

Republican Committee members, precinct 7-1