Gordon will support coal and Wyoming minerals industries – Mark Gordon for Wyoming Governor

Gordon will support coal and Wyoming minerals industries

Via Gillette News Record

I met Mark Gordon when I was a manager at Black Thunder mine. We both served on a citizen’s board that oversees the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality. The board was the judge in conflicts between industry and the environment.

Through every hearing, Mark displayed a great ability to listen to both sides of any conflict and resolve to find a solution so that business could proceed. I saw him ensure that common sense prevailed in decisions on mine reclamation standards and other industrial development.

I am currently working to obtain permits for the coal export facility in Washington state so that we can open up markets for millions of tons of Wyoming coal in Japan and South Korea. I am on the front line of the war between environmentalists and coal. I appreciate all the support from Wyoming in this fight.

Many of you may not realize that Mark Gordon represented Wyoming in public hearings on this project and was instrumental in ensuring that his peers in state government understood the revenues this project could bring to Wyoming. He understands that mineral production is key to Wyoming’s economy and I have witnessed him fighting for it.

I work for the coal industry — as do many of you — and we all care deeply about protecting the environment. Like Mark, in the 1980s, I thought that the Sierra Club was generally trying to do good. But the Sierra Club changed over time and so did our view of it. Just because I might have had big hair in the 1980s doesn’t mean I’m into that today.

I want a governor that can listen to all the viewpoints and find a path forward. I know that Mark Gordon is that man.

Wendy Hutchinson