Gordon is most qualified candidate for governor – Mark Gordon for Wyoming Governor

Gordon is most qualified candidate for governor

Letter from Annemarie McCracken | Cheyenne, Via Wyoming News

Experience matters when choosing the next governor. Sadly, some candidates will spread half-truths trying to divert the conversation from the truly salient issue: who is most qualified?

This is not a time for Wyoming to elect a “newbie” to office. There are too many critical issues that Wyoming is facing, and on-the-job training is not an option.

Candidates can talk about their private sector experience, taking on the federal government, being the most conservative ad nauseum, but if we elect someone who has not had direct experience running a statewide office, then we have essentially relegated the Office of Governor to an entry-level position. This is not the time to elect an entry-level employee to our highest office.

Mark Gordon has been a successful businessman, both in the energy sector with Apache Oil and as a working rancher. He has owned successful small businesses in small-town Wyoming. He has supported his community and his party with both his time and his money.

What sets him apart from the other candidates is his successful term as state treasurer. The investments made by his office increased the Wyoming coffers at a time when other revenues were down.

His votes on the state boards and commissions reflect solid conservative values and the good sense of a businessman. He has defended the state constitution and won. No other Republican candidate can speak to those credentials.

Hard decisions are coming in the next four years, made harder if the national elections put Democrats back in power. Our next governor must know our state, its people and industries AND know firsthand how to make state government work for us.

There is only one candidate that fills those qualifications, and that is Mark Gordon.