Because of COVID-19, Wyoming suffered through one of the toughest budget crunches in our history. Mark Gordon reduced state spending by 26% and now the state budget is the lowest in a decade. Governor Gordon created the Energy Rebound Program to protect energy jobs. He will continue to attract new industries and fight against federal and state regulations that threaten our way of life. 

Mark pushed back against Washington’s efforts to shut down schools, and as a result, Wyoming schools were reported as having educated more in-person days during the pandemic than any other school system in the country. He also launched the Reimagining and Innovating the Delivery of Education (RIDE) program to work with parents, businesses and communities to better educate Wyoming’s future leaders. 

When Washington asserted authority over the Wyoming National Guard with vaccine mandates, Mark said no, and Wyoming has retained its sovereignty over our troops. Mark traveled to our lawless southern border with Texas Governor Abbott and has seen the human tragedy firsthand.  He is committed to securing our borders and ending the drug and human trafficking resulting from President Biden’s open border policy.

As the New Green Deal movement shut down large portions of our economy, Mark fought back with nearly 40 lawsuits including one lifting the Biden ban on oil and gas leasing. Mark also brokered an agreement to keep Wyoming’s Jim Bridger Power Plant operating by addressing environmental concerns while protecting Wyoming jobs and using Wyoming energy.

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