Meet Jennie – Mark Gordon for Wyoming Governor

Meet Jennie

The Gordon Family: Top row, left to right, son Aaron Young and his wife Megan, daughter Bea Gordon, son Spencer Young and his wife Sarah, Front row, left to right, Anne, Mark, and Jennie Gordon

Jennie Gordon manages day-to-day operations at Merlin Ranch, a cow-calf and heifer development operation located in Johnson County.

Jennie grew up in Omaha until the family moved to Buffalo in 1980. Jennie’s father, Senior Master Sergeant Robert Muir, served in the Navy, Army and the Air Force. Jennie’s mother, Gertrude Muir, was from Austria and after surviving World War II in Vienna, she moved to the United States. She learned English and raised the family’s ten children, often with Sergeant Muir serving away from home. Four of Jennie’s siblings have served, or continue to serve, in the armed services.

Jennie attended the University of Wyoming where she received a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Sciences. Jennie worked for 15 years as a Laboratory Medical Technologist at Sheridan Memorial Hospital. She later served as a field service representative for Abbott Laboratories where she travelled throughout the western United States repairing and servicing laboratory equipment at hospitals, clinics and private practices.

After meeting Mark Gordon, the couple married in 2000. Upon Mark’s appointment by Governor Matthew H. Mead to serve as Wyoming Treasurer in 2012, Jennie took over management of the Merlin Ranch full time. The ranch has garnered national recognition for its environmental stewardship and conservation achievements, as well as efforts to promote the sale of Wyoming beef worldwide.

Mark and Jennie have four grown children, son Aaron and his wife Megan, son Spencer and his wife Sarah, and daughters Bea and Anne. Jennie serves on the board of the Wyoming Stock Growers Land Trust, sponsors teams and participates in the Wyoming Women’s Antelope Hunt, and is a member of the current Wyoming Leadership Education and Development (L.E.A.D.) class.