A message from Governor and Jennie Gordon

My thanks to the people of Wyoming for your vote of confidence. I am humbled that Wyoming voters have spoken so persuasively. Jennie and I send a special thank you to all our supporters for your hard work and volunteer efforts. Together we achieved some historic election milestones. Jennie and I look forward to serving as your Governor and First Lady for the next four years. Again, our heartfelt thanks to all of Wyoming.

As expected, the GOP swept all five statewide offices. Governor Gordon’s race posted several significant records:

 ·         With 79% of the vote, it is the largest win of any gubernatorial candidate in Wyoming’s history.

·         It is the largest victory and largest margin of any gubernatorial candidate in the nation in 2022.

·         With a winning margin of +62 percent, it is the largest margin of victory for Governor in Wyoming’s history.

·         With 143,664 votes, the Governor received the most votes of any Gubernatorial candidate in the history of Wyoming.

·         And combined with 2018 he has received more votes (280,076) as Governor than any other Governor (including three-term Gov. Herschler) in Wyoming’s history.

 Source: Wyoming Blue Book, Volume V and Wyoming Secretary of State.