08/17/22 | News

Cowboy State Daily Declares Mark Gordon Winner Of Republican Gov Primary

Gov. Mark Gordon has won the Republican nomination for reelection in Wyoming.

He beat out challengers Brent Bien and Rex Rammell for the win.

Gordon raised far more money than his challengers in the race. With $153,061 on-hand entering the race from his 2018 campaign, Gordon received $441,577 additional contributions for a total of $541,577  in campaign funds.

Bien received $99,822 for his campaign.

Gordon leaned on his experience as governor and his reopening of the state during the COVID-19 pandemic as reasons why voters should support him. He promotes an “all of the above” strategy when it comes to energy, encouraging investment in green energy while continuing a commitment to fossil fuels.

Bien said humans have played a “negligible” role in causing climate change and said “God controls the climate.” He sees hypocrisy in those looking to cut carbon emissions because of climate change. Many people from this movement do not want U.S. coal, some of the cleanest burning in the world, exported to China. That country has much lower emission standards for its coal.  

Bien said Gordon’s handling of the pandemic was his main inspiration for running for office. Even prior to his election loss, Bien expressed gratitude for the campaign experience.

“Me and my wife have been so humbled traveling across the state,” he told Cowboy State Daily in an earlier interview.

Rammell attacked Bien towards the end of the campaign, accusing him of being ineligible to run because he served overseas in the military within the last five years. Bien said he had confirmed with the Secretary of State’s office that he was eligible to run prior to the election. Rammell said he plans to file a lawsuit against the Secretary of State office for allowing Bien to run.

Rammell, who has run in four statewide elections in the last six years, vowed that he would confiscate back all federal lands in Wyoming from the U.S. Government on his first day in office.

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