07/28/22 | News

Lynn Friess: Why I’m Endorsing Mark Gordon For Governor

Dear Friends,
I’m supporting Mark Gordon for re-election as Governor.
When Foster ran in 2018, his slogan was “freedom, prosperity, and kindness.” Foster believed that one of the most essential characteristics of leadership was kindness, especially during a crisis.
Mark has led our state through the worst pandemic in a century with kindness and the common sense leadership we expect from our Wyoming leaders.
The Governor has done a skillful job of balancing public health, freedom, and the lives and livelihoods of his fellow Wyomingites.
Wyoming led the nation with more in-person school days during the pandemic. That was good for our students, good for our communities,  and good for our economy.
Mark has continued to fight to protect Wyoming’s freedoms. From refusing to require a vaccine mandate to suing to reopen our public land for oil and gas production.
In an unprecedented global crisis that impacted our daily lives, I’m grateful we had Governor Gordon. I humbly ask you to join me in supporting Mark.
God Bless Wyoming,
Lynn Friess