11/30/21 | News

Poll: Gordon Ranked Nation’s 5th Most Popular Governor With 66% Approval Rating

Gov. Mark Gordon has been ranked as the nation’s fifth most popular governor in a recent poll conducted by the Morning Consult.

The Morning Consult is a privately-owned data intelligence company, and this week, it published its annual ranking of the most popular governors in America.

Gordon rounded out the top five, all Republican governors, with an approval rating of 66%.

“The Governor is not focused on polling, but is focused on providing fiscally conservative leadership,” Gordon spokesman Michael Pearlman told Cowboy State Daily.

“He remains committed to a limited and transparent government that works for the people of Wyoming and will continue to challenge the Biden administration on multiple fronts to protect and preserve Wyoming’s freedoms and its core industries,” he said.

Former legislator Diemer True, also a former chairman of the Wyoming Republican Party, was unsurprised that Gordon ranked so high in the poll and complimented Gordon for his work in the state’s highest office.

“He’s been dealt a very difficult hand with the pandemic and budget crisis and he still stayed in touch with the voters,” True told Cowboy State Daily. “I think people look at him as facing a very, very difficult task and doing the best he can with it.”

True added that he was glad he was not in Gordon’s position when dealing with the pandemic, and said the 66% approval rating was good by any standard, but especially during the challenging time when Gordon took office.

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