11/09/22 | News

Statement From Governor Mark Gordon (R/WY)

Cheyenne, WY – I am humbled that Wyoming voters have spoken so persuasively.  The votes are counted and I am thankful to receive the people of Wyoming’s support. I look forward to continuing to serve as your Governor for the next four years. Jennie and I want to thank all our supporters for their work and volunteer efforts and for everyone getting to the polls and puttingyour confidence in our shared vision for Wyoming’s future. My hat’s off to Theresa Livingston and Jared Baldes who ran honorable campaigns. It is not easy to stand for election, and I want to complement both of them for the integrity of their campaigns and their work to put their platforms forward.  They did so the right way.

While we faced many challenges during the past four years, I’ve always put two things front and center…your rights and moving Wyoming forward. I am more determined than ever to fight the increasingly heavy hand of the federal government and help guide Wyoming down a path of its own choosing.  God willing, the changes we have seen at the national level will help to clear a path where government closest to the people is respected and fostered.

During the next four years we must continue to diversify our economy, support our legacy industries of tourism, energy and agriculture. We must partner with parents, teachers and school
boards to reimagine our education needs of tomorrow. We live in the best state in America – Wyoming’s core conservative values of respect for our neighbor, belief in free enterprise and
personal responsibility have never been more important than today.  As we look forward to the Legislature’s General session, I will focus on making sure we balance making strategic investments to advance Wyoming while saving to keep spending in check and taxes low.  These next few years will be pivotal to our future.

I will continue to hold dear the values that run deep in Wyoming – the values I grew up with here in Wyoming; limited government, personal freedom, individual responsibility, and free enterprise. Thank you again Wyoming for your support.